The meaning of the logo: The missionary walking on the Surface of the earth is an Oblate who continues his mission. He approaches the city. Big cities are today a special case of missionary territory.

The Americas are uncovered symbolizing the last world youth day in Panama. However, we could turn the earth to see any other continent.

Lights in the buildings are on, meaning that the people are either at work or in their homes. They mind their own business and will not look for us or wait for us. The missionary must reach out to them. There is no church in that city – no sign of the cross.

The greyish color resembles the color of metal. It is hard to change the shape of a solid object made of metal. Equally difficult it is to evangelize the poor in big secularized cities.

However, the missionary walks the earth on the orange background. He sees the world in warm colors, looks for positive things in his life and in the lives of others. He sees what is good, but at the same time does not fear to enter a less colorful reality.

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