Retreat for Youth

As a Delegation, we inaugurated the Year of Oblate Vocations in December last year with some young men mostly from the mission parishes where the Oblates work. As a follow-up to that, it was suggested that this year we organize a day of recollection for youth. The committee for youth took up the responsibility and planned a schedule. Continue reading

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How do you experience the season of “fall”?

Living for many years in Japan, a country where all four seasons make you experience the beauty in God’s creation, it is not very easy to choose one particular season and call it ‘beautiful’. But recently I feel that I have become a fall-lover! I think it’s because of the specialty that I see in this season, namely ‘color changing’. It is amazing to watch how trees change colors. Continue reading

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Tokyo archbishop puzzled by new seminary for Asia

Tokyo Archbishop Tarcisius Isao Kikuchi admitted to some confusion after being informed that a new Catholic seminary for Asia will be established in the Japanese capital.
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Japan: Reflection on peace by Archbishop of Nagasaki

At the end of last year, Pope Francis, struck by a picture of a boy standing at a cremation site, gave instructions that copies with his signature and the words ‘The Fruit of War’ should be widely distributed. The photo was taken by a US military cameraman one month after the bombing of Nagasaki, and it shows the misfortune, suffering, emptiness and resentment caused by war. By issuing the card the pope conveyed his strong conviction that we must never resort to war. Continue reading

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Hiroshima PowerPoint by Bradly Rozairo, OMI

Peace be with you! Continue reading

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Peace be with you!

From Superior’s Desk by Bradly Rozairo OMI:
As the month of August begins I am reminded of the “Ten Days for Peace” in Japan. The late Pope St. John Paul II announced the “Appeal for Peace” in February 1981 at the Peace Memorial Park of Hiroshima with these words, “War is the work of man. War is the destruction of human life. War is death.” His appeal was an invitation to everyone in the world to abolish nuclear weapons, denounce nuclear wars, and commit oneself to peace. Responding to this, the Catholic Church in Japan defined the days between August 6 and 15 as “Ten Days for Peace”, a special period to think of our responsibilities to peace, to learn about peace and to work for peace. Continue reading

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Assumption nuns’ first Asian head focuses on marginalized

Assumption nun Rekha Chennattu, the first Asian elected to head the global Paris-based congregation, says her priority will be to serve people on the margins of society. Continue reading

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Once hidden, the history of Japanese Christianity gains UN recognition

Places of major importance for Japanese Christianity, including the Nagasaki basilica commemorating 26 Catholic martyrs, have been selected as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Continue reading

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Japanese bishops: Vatican mindset doesn’t fit Asian church

Japan’s bishops have publicly responded to a Vatican survey of global Catholics’ views on family issues, stating bluntly that church teachings are not known in their country and the Vatican’s Europe-centric view hampers efforts at evangelization in places where Catholics represent a small minority of the population. Continue reading

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Remember the witness of your martyrs, Pope tells Japanese bishops

In a letter to Japanese bishops, Pope Francis urges his brother prelates to use the example of their country’s martyrs as an inspiration to continue their mission of evangelization amid modern-day challenges. Continue reading

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