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Shitol Nokrek OMI

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School OMI Formation House Imok-Dong 251-2 Suwon Jangan-gu 440-310 Work Phone: +82 31 268 7145Work Fax: +82 31 268 7146

Personal History:
1994-99 Juniorate, Dhaka
Jan-00 Philosophate, Bonani Seminary, Dhaka
Mar-02 Pre-novitiate/Novitiate, First vows Sri Lanka
May-04 Theology, Bonani Seminary, Dhaka
2006-2007 MEO (Mission Exposure Overseas),
2008-2009 Theology studies in Banani
2010/2/5 Ordination

Korean Assignments:
2010/10/14 arrival
2010/12/18 Parish experience
2011/8/ appointment to work with migrants
2013 appointment to house bursar
2015/6- appointment as house superior
Rector of the seminarians

At Present:
House Superior
First Councillor
Migrant Work