War Against Children: ‘Children-friendly’ Gay Drag Shows – “child abuse” (Part 11)

(This article is part of an ongoing series showing different adult obsessions in waging “War Against Children” by Fr. Jerry Novotny, OMI.)

A recent scandal hit the news recently and highlighted a suppressed, unbelievable attack on our children by the gay community. The article “‘Child-friendly’ Drag Show at Dallas Gay Bar Prompts State Lawmaker to Act” surfaced on June 6, 2022, following a drag show for children. Immediately, Texas State Rep. Bryan Slaton announced he would present a bill that would protect children from these indecent displays. “Drag shows are no place for a child,” he said. A heroic statement but whether anything postive will surface is still a big question. Yet for this to have reached such a level of indecency, my question is why has nothing been done over the years to protect our children from this gay trend. A radio host and writer Michael Brown pointed out, that the spectacle of drag queens performing for kids (and their parents) has been common at Pride parades for almost two decades with little public outcry.

The ‘drag queen’ show at Mr. Misster’s bar was created primarily for families to celebrate ‘pride month’ with their children. ‘Pride Events’ was originally started by a group of activists periodically as an event to change the stigma attached to homosexuality. Now it covers the whole month of June.

We see in the following two videos scarcely dressed drag queens dancing in front of children and a bright pink neon sign in the background saying “It’s Not Going to Lick Itself.” Young children can be seen sitting at a bar and handing money to drag queens.

View two videos which can be accessed in this article:

(1) a full performance from today’s “Drag Your Kids To Pride” event

(2) children are invited on stage and walk with the Drag Queens

‘Drag Queen” is a term used among the gay community, but not common among ordinary people. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, give a relatively professional detailed explanation and is a “must” reading for those serious about protecting our children from perverted gay adults obsessed with sexualizing them. Wikipedia states “A drag queen is a person, usually male, who uses drag clothing and makeup to imitate and often exaggerate female gender signifiers and gender roles for entertainment purposes. In modern times, drag queens are associated with gay men and gay culture, but people of other genders and sexual identities also perform as drag queens.”

Recently, there has been a growing militancy within the LGBT community. Among other things, not only normalizing gender transitioning for minors but also demanding “correct” pronoun usage have increased. Drag queen events geared toward children have increased. Both “drag queen story hour” and “family-friendly drag shows” are meant to inspire acceptance and diversity as being a natural thing. But, in no way, is introducing sexually exaggerated female characters played by men appropriate for children. This position is not something controversial or even debatable as as presented by present fake mass media. Science states definitely (100%) that a man and a woman are biologically different. God created them different for a reason and one cannot become the other. Regardless of what the world says, this is an impossibility. PERIOD.

The original intention of removing the stigma from the gay community seems to have changed in recent years. Having been accepted into the mainstream of the mass media, it now seems to have shifted from acceptance to abolishing the difference between males and females, and between adults and children. And we see the slippery slope continues to spread its fake, false teachings throughout the world. Candice Jackson summaries it well on LawTwitter when she says “‘LGBTQ Pride’ is a spiritual cult that’s anti-reality, anti-civil liberties, targeting children for fantasy-based rites of body sacrifice to liberate ‘gender souls’ & ‘queer’ sexualization.”

It’s difficult for me to comprehend how young children can be allowed into adult bars, while the police look the other way, do nothing and, in reality, allow it to happen. This is a clear case of adults (whether police or the gay community) waging open war on innocent children. A child’s mind cannot digest what is happening; consequently, causing confusion and unacceptable false information regarding the difference between men and women. Maybe even casting doubt on their own sexuality.

What are the duties and obligations that adults must have to develop a future for our children?

  1. to protect children from harm.
  2. to provide children with food, clothing and a place to live.
  3. to financially support children.
  4. to provide safety, supervision and control.
  5. to provide medical care.
  6. to provide an education.

It is the job of parents to set boundaries for their children. Parents are there to guide, discipline, and raise their children into responsible adults. It is not the duty of parents to be their child’s best friend. That modern mindset does so much damage. Saying “no” to children for their own physical, mental, and emotional growth and safety may not be easy, but it must be done.

When these are missing, children have no real future based on reality. Refusing to apply these six recommendations removes God from their life, their surroundings and their future. They loose sight of the truth. They never acquire a solid foundation based on truth to find who they are, rather it is based on falsehood and self-gratification of the gay community.

We have replaced religion with secular humanism. We have replaced God with model human beings, world leaders, gay activists, scientists, movie stars and the list long. A good article to consult for deeper understanding, click: “Supreme Court Ruling Proves Once Again That Religion And Education Are Inseparable“.

What does the Catholic Church actually teaches about the homosexual lifestyle, deviant sexual practices or homosexual tendencies?

The Catholic Church teaches us that “the dignity of the human person is rooted in his creation in the image and likeness of God” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1700) regardless of age, race, nationality or sex. It is fundamental that our dignity demands the respect of one’s whole person. In his profound and historic apostolic exhortation, “Familiaris Consortio,” St. John Paul II said, “special attention must be devoted to the children by developing a profound esteem for their personal dignity, and a great respect and generous concern for their rights” (26).

Every human being is called to become a child of God. However, to receive this gift, we must reject sin, including homosexual behavior – that is, acts intended to arouse or stimulate a sexual response regarding a person of the same sex. The Catholic Church teaches that such acts are always violations of divine and natural law.

Homosexual desires, however, are not in themselves sinful. People are subject to a wide variety of sinful desires over which they have little direct control, but these do not become sinful until a person acts upon them, either by acting out the desire or by encouraging the desire and deliberately engaging in fantasies about acting it out.

The Church’s traditional position on homosexuality has not changed, including the condemnation of homosexual acts, its opposition to gay marriage and to the adoption of children by gay people.

Examples from the Bible

The rejection of homosexual behavior that is found in the various texts of the Old Testament is well known. In Genesis 19, two angels in disguise visit the city of Sodom and are offered hospitality and shelter by Lot. During the night, the men of Sodom demand that Lot hand over his guests for homosexual intercourse. Lot refuses, and the angels blind the men of Sodom. Lot and his household escape, and the town is destroyed by fire “because the outcry against its people has become great before the Lord” (Gen. 19:13).

Jude 7 records that Sodom and Gomorrah “acted immorally and indulged in unnatural lust.” Ezekiel says that Sodom committed “abominable things” (Ezek. 16:50), which could refer to homosexual and heterosexual acts of sin. Lot even offered his two virgin daughters in place of his guests, but the men of Sodom rejected the offer, preferring homosexual sex over heterosexual sex (Gen. 19:8-9). But the Sodom incident is not the only time the Old Testament deals with homosexuality. An explicit condemnation is found in the book of Leviticus: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. . . . If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them” (Lev. 18:22, 20:13).

Catechism of the Catholic Church: The Call to Chastity

The modern arguments in favor of homosexuality have been insufficient to overcome the evidence that homosexual behavior is against divine and natural law, as the Bible and the Church, as well as the wider circle of Jewish and Christian (not to mention Muslim) writers, have always held. The Catholic Church thus teaches:

“Basing itself on sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2357).

“Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection” (CCC 2357- 2359).

Paul comfortingly reminds us, “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your strength, but with the temptation will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it” (1 Cor. 10:13).


We live in a world corrupted by evil. Child labor, physical abuse, child exploitation, and child marriage, child gay drags shows are only some of the challenges kids today may encounter, not to mention things like drug and alcohol addiction, bullying, or gang involvement. God is our deliverer from trouble and enemies, and we should protect kids from people who seek their harm as an extension of our love for God Himself. Some of us are even called further by God to act as advocates or to become professionals in child-protection programs and organizations. But whether a professional or not, we can all be aware of the problem and help protect our children.

Additional information

  1. For complete understanding of why the Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are always violations of divine and natural law, click: https://www.catholic.com/tract/homosexuality
  2. Homosexuals who want to live chastely can contact Courage, a national, Church-approved support group for help in deliverance from the homosexual lifestyle. Web: http://couragerc.net.
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