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Home Oblate Mission 196-51 Yulhyun-Dong, Seoul Gangnam-gu 135-210 South KoreaHome Phone: +82-2-2226-0564Home Fax: +82-2-2226-2112Cell Phone: 010-7309-6421

Personal History:
1968-75 Minor Seminary Viterbo (Diocesan)
1975-82 Philosophy + Theology Viterbo (Diocesan)
1982-83 Novitiate Marino RM
09/15/1983First Vows Marino RM
1983-87 Missiology Roma
1984 Language Study: French France
1985-86 Mission Experience Senegal
12/08/1986Final Vows Grottoferrata
04/25/1987Ordination Piansano VT
1897-90 Mission Band Verona
1989 Language Study: English Ireland
05/12/1990Arrival in Korea

Korean Assignments:
1990-92 Language Study: Korean Seoul
1991-95 “Parish Assistant, Suwon
1993-98 Soup Kitchen for poor elder
1994-97 Street Children Program Sungnam
1998- Hanna’s House; Centre for urban poor
Homeless and Street Children

At Present:
Director of centre for urban poor; Hanna’s House