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Home Akebono-cho 1-15-9 Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture 780-8072 JapanHome Phone: +81-88-843-0406Cell Phone: 090-9779-7890Work Fax: +81-88-843-0406Website: (English)Blog: Fighting For the Culture Of Life (English)Website: Human Rights: The Road to a Happy Life (Japanese)Blog: Human Rights: The Road to a Happy Life (Japanese)

Personal History:
1957-60 Our Lady of Ozark College Carthage MO
1960-61 Novitiate Godfrey IL
08/15/1961First Vows
1961-63 Philosophy Pass Christian MI
1963-64 Theology San Antonio TX
09/08/1964Final Vows San Antonio TX
09/15/1964Arrival in Japan
1966-69 Theology Tokyo
04/04/1968Ordination Edina MN

Japanese Assignments:
1964-66 Language Study: Japanese Tokyo
1966-69 Theology Tokyo
1969-1996Parish Mission Kochi
1969-2003Kochi University Kochi
Pro-Life Apostolate

At Present:
Japan Pro-life Movement Apostolate, Executive Director
Communications Advisor and Website Webmaster
Archive Contact Person