Life At Conception Act: October pro-life month calls us to Radical Solidarity

Bishop Michael Pfeifer, OMI – October pro-life month’s theme calls all pro-lifers to be in Radical Solidarity on all critical pro-life issues, especially for the precious unborn. A fundamental life issue that has great importance far into the future and calls us to be in Radical Solidarity, is a Life at Conception Act, which will bring an end to abortion in America. Fulfilling Christ’s command to love one another, takes shape in our prayerful pastoral practice of solidarity. As pro-life followers of Christ, we firmly believe based on Sacred Scripture, and know with certainty based on much recent medical research, that the beautiful, God-given gift of human life begins at conception.

The Catholic Church’s entire social doctrine is guided by the fundamental principle that every human life has innate dignity and incomprehensible value. Vatican II stressed that human life must be protected with the upmost care from the moment of conception: Abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes. Both Pope Saint John Paul II and our current Pope Francis have called abortion what it is – murder of a precious image of God, a tiny human person. The greatest and gravest Social Justice issue in our country is still protecting the precious unborn from abortion which brutally destroys thousand of God’s tiny persons each day in our country. To carry out this Social Justice ministry all Bishops and all pro-lifers are called to be in Radical Solidarity in prayer and pastoral action to protect the precious unborn, and to support the Life at Conception Act.

All pro-lifers rejoiced and are very grateful to God that our supreme court has overturned Roe v Wade, which granted permission for the killing of millions and millions of unborn children. But since this important decision of our highest court, there are many pro-abortion groups, sadly including the Biden administration, which are constantly promoting policies and laws to codify abortion. It deeply saddens us that Joe Biden said the killing of babies in abortion is good for “The soul of America”. And more recently Biden has stated “if I’m reelected, we will have abortion up to birth nationwide.” And it was very shocking and degrading to learn that Iowa supreme court judge Waterman compared unborn babies to garbage. In dehumanizing, sickening, and unscientific language the judge stated, “it would be ironic and troubling for our court to become the first state supreme court in the nation to hold that trash set out in a garbage can for collection, is entitled to more constitutional protection than a woman’s interest in autonomy and dominion over her own body.” The judge needs to realize that, in God’s eyes this so called “trash” is tiny persons who are made in God’s beautiful image with eternal value. And to show how sacred these unborn are, Pope Francis will soon Beatify the first unborn child with the martyred family members.

Preborn Life reminds us that abortion is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation with one abortion occurring every minute in America. And adding to this sorrowful situation, The World Health Organization estimates 73 million children are killed annually through abortion. However, thank God there are many pro-life efforts to protect the precious unborn. The US Catholic Bishops through many messages, are constantly calling Catholics and all pro-lifers to participate in programs and efforts that support the unborn, and of course all pro-life issues at every stage of life.

Recently, Alveda King remined us that killing babies in abortion is a “Crime against humanity”. Alveda King is carrying on the crusade of justice, most particularly and passionately for the African American children in their mother’s wombs and she states that the slaughter of the unborn is the biggest civil rights issue of our time. And we rejoice to learn that a federal appeals court recently struck down Bidens abortion pill expansion. It could deliver a blistering defeat to the abortion industry and literally save untold numbers of innocent babies. Now this case is destined for the Supreme Court which hopefully will concur with the lower court. According to the Guttmacher Institute over 50% of abortions happen by way of the abortion pill. On a positive note, across the country, more state legislatures protect the God-given rights of the unborn babies.

Unborn Children are legally entitled to constitutional protection

To end the brutal killing of the precious unborn through abortion, there are many pro-life agencies and programs working to have all members of congress go on record to approve A Life at Conception Act which will declare that unborn children are legally entitled to constitutional protection which will rescue millions of children from dying from abortion on demand. As mentioned, our biblical belief and science confirms, that human life begins at conception when a new human being is formed.

The 14th Amendment states, “Nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of the law, nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law.” Furthermore, the 14th amendment says, “congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provision of this article”. That is exactly what A Life at Conception Act will do. Even in Roe, the supreme court admitted: “if, personhood (for the unborn) is established, the appellant’s case of course collapses, for the fetus right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the 14th Amendment.” As we know with the overturning of Roe v Wade the Appellant’s case has collapsed. We sincerely believe and know that the fetus is a precious tiny living person made in God’s image. And we need to remember never once did the supreme court declare abortion to be a constitutional right.

This is a God given moment for all pro-lifers.

Now more than ever in view of a federal courts striking down Biden’s abortion pill expansion, and the supreme courts overturning of Roe v Wade, this is a God given moment for all pro-lifers of all religions, and all Catholic Church organizations like the knights of Columbus, the Catholic Daughters and Guadalupanas, the knights and ladies of the Holy Sepulcher, young adult groups, and many others, to be in radical solidarity in pastoral action guided by the Holy Spirit to work for a Life at Conception Act. By passing this Life Act, we can bring an end to abortion in America. The supreme court is now waiting for someone to tell them who the law counts as persons.

Let us not wait to speak clearly, loudly, and forcefully in solidarity, that we know that the law based on science considers the unborn as persons. This simple, logical, and obvious rights legislation will not become a law without a fight that involves all pro-lifers to be in prayerful, pastoral radical solidarity. Pro-lifers working together need to prepare clear and convincing tv, internet, radio, and newspaper ads stressing the sacredness of human life and detailing the horrors of abortion and mobilizing the American people in personal lobbying of key members of congress.

In radical solidarity we need pro-lifers led by our Bishops, priests, religious, and lay leaders to turn up the heat to a national grass roots campaign in congress. Our united voice will let our Senators and Representatives know that we constituents support the full protection of the unborn and that they must forcefully stand for the lives of the unborn in Washington. We pro-lifers can force politicians from both parties to admit the scientific evidence that the unborn are persons and win passage of a Life at Conception Act. Time is of the essence to act quickly on a Life at Conception Act because tragically according to Senator Rand Paul over 4,000 precious babies are aborted every day in our nation.

Pro-life law makers can now pass this Life at Conception Act to end abortion by using the constitution instead of amending it. This is a time to double down on the moral truths that have energized the pro-life movement from the beginning. Law must be returned to its original proclamation. It must embrace, not avoid, the determination of moral right and wrong. As we celebrate October Respect Life month, which begins with Respect Life Sunday on October 1st, all pro-lifers are encouraged throughout the country to participate in Life Chain, and then to join in national solidarity to pray for and join hearts and hands in loving action to affirm and promote at every level in our country respect for the marvelous gift of human life, and especially for a Life at Conception Act. If approved, this Act will provide, far into the future, a solid basis and inspiration for all our pro-life activities at every level from the womb to the tomb, especially for the unborn.

We offer our presence and total support to expectant mothers.

As we diligently, prayerfully, and quickly work together to support the Life at Conception Act, pro-lifers also need to be united in radical solidarity in offering our presence and total support to expectant mothers who might be contemplating abortion. A special way to assist them is to invite them to watch videos, movies, and ultrasounds together which show the sacredness and beauty of little ones in their mother’s wombs, and how brutally they are torn apart in the barbaric act of abortion. The recent visual, “A Glimpse Inside” is ground-breaking because it allows all, especially young people to see for themselves how real babies develop in the womb guided by physicians using 3D/4D ultrasound technology. When women see the undeniable humanity of their preborn babies on a screen, and see how violent, cruel, and barbaric abortion really is, the vast majority of them reject abortion.

Planned parenthood and other pro-abortion groups have masked abortion in euphemisms saying ‘it is only a choice’ and calling it ‘medical care’, instead of saying abortion is a violent act that destroys a life of a child, they say they are simply “removing a clump of cells” and the growing baby inside the womb is only referred to as the “product of conception”. And sadly, these groups are even creating cartoons to promote abortion for young children. We need to support pro-life groups that fight back against this pro-abortion propaganda with the truth, to show the miraculous beauty of human development in the womb. In an era of great disinformation and falsehood, we must courageously, guided in prayer by the Holy Spirit, give witness and action to the God- given truth about the sacredness of human life. And as we Bishops state in our pro-life plans, we need to take more positive pastoral action to support the precious unborn and offer care at every level for their parents, especially their mothers and children beginning at a parish level.

Pro-lifers need to empower women by offering compassionate, Christ-centered pregnancy and postpartum care. It is urgent that we Bishops and pro-life leaders also take more unified action to encourage members of congress to pass legislation that advances the health, safety, and flourishing of women, children, and families. We strongly encourage the passing of bills, that support and fund families, such as the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, support for child tax credit, paid family leave, pregnancy resource centers, childcare, housing and nutrition, maternal and child health, and adoption, and to stop giving tax dollars to planned parenthood and anyone else in the abortion industry. We Bishops also encourage mothers in crisis to participate in programs like Walking with Moms in Need and post-abortive healing ministries like Project Rachel. For women who have fallen into abortion, Pope Francis strongly encouraged us to reach out to them with compassion and love, inviting them to seek God’s ever forgiving mercy, and entrust their lives to Jesus our good Shepard. These efforts will help to build an authentic life affirming society.

We join hands and hearts and lock arms together

In all our pro-life activities we urge all pro-lifers to join in loving radical solidarity hands and hearts and lock arms with other Christians and all those who hold and promote the sacredness of life of the unborn. Our governments most sacred duty is to safeguard the lives of all Americans beginning with the most vulnerable and weakest, the unborn child. We Bishops and all pro-lifers must follow and give great witness to the pro-life teaching of Pope Francis, and we strongly encourage all the faithful to study and act on the many pro-life messages that come from the office of the Bishops. More than ever, we need to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help us live each day the gospel principles and values of Jesus. Prayer is our greatest tool and means of overcoming the terrible evil of abortion, as we work together to support the Life at Conception Act.

A Four-fold formula to overcome abortion

I strongly encourage all pro-lifers at every level to take part in loving solidarity in a four-fold formula of overcoming abortion- individual, family, and common prayer especially the mass and Holy hours – various forms of fasting- peaceful vigils especially in front of abortion centers- and actively taking part in the religious, social, political, and legislative processes guided by the Holy Spirit to overcome brutal abortions. And as we pray and work in solidarity to protect the unborn, we must open our lives to be more active in all pro-life activities from the womb to the tomb. God created the human person in the divine image and likeness as the pinnacle of all creation. Each of us including the unborn share in the image of God’s glory. Human life is a gift from God and is sacred and invaluable.

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